Z Student vs. Student View

Z Student vs. Student View2 min read

When should I request a Z student?

Adding a ‘Z student’ has one advantage. A Z student will allow a faculty member to do assignments, discussion boards, and quizzes as if you were a student. If your task in a ‘student view’ is to see how things look and make sure you have all your settings correct for your students, then D2L’s ‘View As Student’ will work just fine for your needs.

If you still want a Z student added to your course, please contact us by submitting a ticket to the eLearning Office – Help Desk Ticket

View As Student

View As Student is a build function that can be used by the Instructor to view the course as a student would see it. To access Student View follow the steps below.

  1. Click your name in the upper right corner
  2. Select “View as Student”
  3. You now can view the entire course as a student in that course only.
  4. Once finished, click your name and then the X next to “Viewing as Student” to exit view as student.

Preview Quiz

Unless you actually want to take the quiz, you can preview the quiz easily as an Instructor in the course.

To preview the quiz:

  1. Click the drop down arrow next to the quiz you want to preview
  2. Select “Preview”
  3. At the bottom of the quiz, select “Start Quiz!”
  4. Here you can follow through the quiz and submit it.
  5. Once finished, click “Exit Preview” at the top right of the screen to end the session

Preview Student View of Grades

A new change that D2L made to the system sometime last year was the option to view a grade window as that student would see. A peak into what the student sees is a vital way to help diagnose issues as well as a way to describe to your student what they are seeing if they have questions.

To view a student grade profile:

  1. Go to Grades
  2. Click the drop down arrow next to the users name
  3. Click “Preview” in the drop down list
  4. This will open the student grades in a new window
  5. Once finished, click “Close” at the bottom of the page.