YuJa Basics

Step One: Set up YuJa (one time only)

  1. Log in to eLearning
  2. Click on YuJa in the Navigation bar to access the Dashboard.
  3. Click on Create Recording.
  4. Click on Download.
  5. Allow the program to download and then open it.  You may have to enable pop-ups or check your downloads folder.  If it still doesn’t seem to download, check for an email from YuJa with further directions.  Note: It may not download properly if you haven’t been on campus since mid-August.

Note: To log in outside of eLearning visit delta.yuja.com and log in with Delta SSO credentials. All the remaining steps (starting with #3 above) should be the same.

Step Two: Record a video

  1. Open YuJa Software Capture (either from your computer’s apps or from D2L).
  2. Give your video a title.
  3. Organize your video in a folder.
  4. Set up Video, Audio, and Screen preferences and save them in your Profile as default.
  5. Click Start to begin the recording.
  6. Click Stop to End recording and then click Save.
  7. Your video may take a few minutes to render before you can access and edit through the Dashboard in D2L.

Step Three: Edit media

  1. Open the YuJa Dashboard in D2L.
  2. Hover over the video you want to edit until the options window pops up.  Select Edit.  The video editor will launch in a new tab.
  3. Use the tools to make desired edits.  Watch this short overview of the Video Editor tools.
  4. Check the captions for accuracy.

Step Four: Put media in course content

  1. In your content module, click Add Existing Activities and scroll to YuJa at the bottom.
  2. Scroll down in the pop-up window to search for and select your Media.
  3. Alternatively, embed videos into a news item.  Create a News Item and then select Insert Stuff.
  4. Select YuJa from the bottom.
  5. Search for and Select your Media.


YuJa has a fantastic support center. Search to get your question answered or send them an email at support@yuja.com. Responses are typically same day.