Why is the Course Code so Important?

Why is the Course Code so Important?1 min read

Have you ever wondered why eLearning is always asking for the course code or wonder what it is? The course code is the letters, numbers, semester code and section number that make up the course code. 

An example is ABC-111W-FA100-20FA

You can find this course code on your eLearning home page and on the course shell. Here are a couple examples:

By including the full course code when contacting the eLearning Office we are able to get to your course and answer your questions faster. If you have multiple sections of the same course we generally have a delay in response to confirming which section. If you have one course then there is a delay for us to look up your account, search for that semester and find the course to get the course code. Getting the course code directly from you confirms for us that we are in the correct course.