Also known as EvaluationKit, this software is used to evaluate/survey all students using our LMS (eLearning, D2L, Brightspace) software. Face-to-face, Blended and Online students will log into eLearning just before the end of the semester assigned to that course and take their survey.


How is EvaluationKIT Helpful for Faculty

  • Eliminates the need for Paper.
  • It makes it easy to organize and analyze the data in reports.
  • It automates the process of communicating to instructors and students when feedback for specific courses will be given.
  • It allows you to see the response rate of the class and classes.
  • you can view the responses to feedback online.
  • If allowed by your administrator you can make custom questions for the survey.


How Is EvaluationKIT Helpful for Students

  • It provides anonymity to help you feel comfortable providing constructive feedback to those giving you a grade.
  • Instructors will only see responses (never names) after final grades are reported so you can rest assured your grade will not be affected by the feedback you provide.
  • It provides a way to constructively build up the quality of the university and future courses you and your fellow students will engage in.

Video from Student View