Learning D2L – Resources, Tutorials, Videos for Faculty


Use this page to find general information and step-by-step tutorials demonstrating how to use D2L. This shortcut link gives you brief overview of the icons that are common in the D2L environment.

The eLearning staff provides many step-by-step tutorials to help instructors create and manage their courses. You can choose from the topics listed below.

Teaching and LearningDescription
ContentAdd, manage and organize content.
GradesCreate, manage and group
ClasslistView and email from
DiscussionsCreate, manage
AssignmentsCreate folders for assignments
QuizzesCreate and manage assessments
Class ProgressView student progress
Edit CourseInstructor administration area
EmailSend and view sent email to students
ChatSet up chat times with students
AttendanceCreate attendance sheets
ChecklistCreate checklists for students to complete
GroupsCreate and manage groups to assign specific assignments