User Progress or Class Progress Overview


What is the user progress tool?

How valuable would it be to have predictive practices in place so that you can access early warning about learners who may be getting off track?

The User Progress tool provides instructors with a high-level view of student performance across the entire class and through four indicators of performance all at the instructor’s fingertips making predictive practices and preventing student disengagement a priority.

Checking Class Progress in D2L

There are two ways to check students’ activity in your D2L course site. You can view an individual student’s progress through the Class Progress tool, or you can view activity related to specific topics your course’s Content area through the Completion Tracking feature.

The Class Progress tool in D2L allows you to view all of an individual student’s activity in your course site, with detailed information about each area. You can use this tool to check how frequently a student has logged in to your course site and which course materials they’ve visited across the entire Content area. In addition, you can view all of a student’s contributions to discussions, submissions, or other areas of your course in one location.

  1. Click Edit Course > Course Administration in your course site’s navigation bar. The Course Administration page will open.
  2. Click View Class Progress. The Class Progress page will open; it displays a list of all of the students in your course and basic data on their activity in your course site. 
  3. Click a student’s name to view more detailed information about his or her activity. The Progress Summary page for the student will open.
  4. Click the links in the left-hand menu, i.e., Content, Discussion, Submissions, etc., to view the student’s activity in that specific section of your course site (see note).
  5. Click the left or right arrows below the student’s name on the top-left side of the page to navigate to the next student, or click the Class Progress link on the top-right side of the page to return to the list of all of the students in your course. 

NOTE: By default, most of the information on a student’s activity in a section of your course site will not be immediately shown in the Class Progress tool. Click the links below an item’s name, i.e., the topics in your Content area or folders in your Submissions area to view more detailed information.

D2L’s Completion Tracking feature will allow you to monitor whether students in your course have been viewing a specific topic in the Content area. This can help you gauge how effective specific documents, videos, or other learning materials have been, as well as allow you to monitor whether students are viewing important class materials before completing assignments.

  1. Activate either manual or automatic Completion Tracking in your course site’s Content area. (Review the Completion Tracking guide if you need more instructions on activating this feature.)
  2. Open the topic you want to review activity for in your course’s Content area. (Review the Content guide if you need more instructions on navigating the Content area in your D2L course site.)
  3. Click the Completion Summary bar at the bottom of the page. A list of students in your course and information on their activity related to the topic will be displayed.