Setting Dates for Discussions in D2L

Discussions have two types options for date restrictions: availability and locking. 

  • Availability start and end dates affect students’ ability to see the discussion. 
  • Locking start and end dates restrict students from adding threads or replies to a discussion, but they don’t affect students’ ability to view the discussion.

You can add start and end dates to discussion forums or topics. If you add date restrictions to a forum, they will be applied to all of the topics within that forum.

Click Discussions in your course navigation bar. The Discussions List page will open. Click the dropdown arrow next to the forum or topic to which you would like to add date restrictions, then select Edit Forum or Edit Topic, depending on which one you are editing. A page with settings options will open with the Properties tab displayed. Select the Unlock topic for a specific date range option. Add your date restrictions:

  • To add a start date, select the Has Start Date checkbox, then enter a start date and time for your discussion.
  • To add an end date, select the Has End Date checkbox, then enter an end date and time for your discussion.

Select the Display in Calendar checkbox if you’d like your start and/or end dates to be displayed in your course calendar. (See the Calendar guide for more information on this tool.) Click the Save and Close button at the bottom of the page.