Use the Quizzes Tool to create quizzes, edit quizzes imported or copied form a previous course, or manage questions using the question library.

Print text guide, watch the video demo, or review the steps described on this page.

Changes to the Creating/Editing Questions interface

Managing Quizzes

  1. While in the Quizzes tool, click the New Quiz
  2. Type the name of the quiz and click the Add/Edit Questions
  3. Click the New button and select a type of question.
View of all question types you can create in a quiz.

Note: Use a Written Response type for essay questions.

  1. Enter a point value in the Points box.
  2. Type question in the Question text.
  3. Type answers and enter 100 in the Weight (%) for each correct answer.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click the Done Editing Questions button when you are done creating all questions.
  1. Click on the quiz to Edit if you are not in the Edit Quiz page.
  2. Click the Restrictionstab.
  3. (a) Click the drop-down menu of status and select Active, (b) start and end dates, (c) select display in calendar (optional).
  4. Set time restrictions by selecting Enforce time limit, entering a time limit, and selecting a late behavior if the student does not complete the quiz within the allotted time limit.
  5. Click the Save button.
  1. Click the Assessment
  2. Select Automatic Grade.
  3. Click drop-down of Grade Item and select a Grade Item.
  4. Select Auto Export Grades.
  5. Click Save and Close or Save.
  1. Click the drop-down of the quiz you want to delete and select Delete.
  2. Click Yes at the confirmation dialog.

To change the submission views for students.

  1. Click Submission Views in the Edit Quiz area.
  2. You can either edit the Default View or add an Additional View.
  3. In the Submission Views window, you have multiple options on how you want your students to view their submission under View Details.  For more information on each option, click the question mark (?) button located next to each option.
  4. Save when finished.