1. Find your course

Log in to eLearning and search for your course. 

Try searching with the Course ID or the Title of the course.

2. Pin Courses

Remove old courses and Pin new courses for start of the semester. How to Pin Courses.

3. Copy over course content

Follow the instructions in the Copy Course tutorial.

4. Review your syllabus & schedule

Revise your dates and activities and upload your syllabus. Follow these instructions on How to Upload Content.

5. Check eLearning Start/Due/End dates

6. Gradebook

Compare the point values to your syllabus and revise where necessary. Review the Grades Tool Overview for guides.

7. Check links and accessibility

Go through each module and activity to check that links work. Make sure your course syllabus is accessible (ADA Compliant).

8. Create a “Welcome to Class” news item

Include the course name, number and a note from you! Learn more about how to Create a News Item.

Note: If you have any questions or would like the eLearning staff to review, please contact eLearning by using the Help Desk Ticketing System.