The Content Tools allows you publish material that can include Microsoft Office files, PDFs, and web pages. From the content tool you can also link to other items created in eLearning such as discussions, assignment folders, quizzes, checklists, etc.

Understanding the Organization of Content

The Content has four main sections:

  • Overview: You can use this section to post course expectation and/or syllabus. It is not mandatory to post information in this section.
  • Bookmarks: This section lists the topics that have been bookmarked by you.
  • Course Schedule: This section lists due dates, start dates, and other courses events.
  • Table of contents: In this section you create modules and topics to organize any material you want to publish.

Note: Content should be organized in modules and topics. You must create a module before uploading files or linking to external sites.

Print text guide, watch the video demo, or review the steps described on this page.

Content FAQs

Yes. You can restrict topics or even whole modules in the Content area by setting their status to “draft” or limiting their availability by date. For more information, view the Setting Dates and Availability guide.​

You can add files to the Content area of your course site through the Upload Files option. For instructions, visit the Uploading Files guide.​

You can reorder modules and topics simply by dragging and dropping them into new locations in the Content area​. For more information, view the Reordering Modules and Topics guide.