In D2L’s Classlist area, you can view the students enrolled in your course, send email to individual students or the entire class, and verify a student’s last login date.

Classlist FAQ’s

Yes. By default, D2L only displays 20 students per page in the Classlist (as well as other areas of your course), but you can change this setting. Above and below the table that lists your students, a dropdown menu titled “per page” is displayed; you can click it to change the number of students displayed per page. To ensure that you see all students in your course, we recommend that you set the value to 200.

Yes, but this has to be done by eLearning staff. Please send us a ticket and we can do this for you.

No. Student enrollment in your course site is updated automatically to match enrollments in Colleague. System updates occur at 3 a.m. and 7 p.m. daily and even more frequently during the start of each term.