Best Practices for Entering Grades

  • When creating a grade item, ensure that the Max. Points field for the item is not set to null or zero
    The Max. Points field can be found in the Grading section of the Create a new grade item page (or the edit page for existing grade items) under the Properties tab.
  • When sorting grade categories and items, ensure they are sorted in the appropriate order
    The best way to ensure grade items are sorted correctly is to create the categories and items in the order that they will be marked. Brightspace Learning Environment automatically sorts the categories and grade items in the order that they are created.
    If you want to see the order of your grade items, from the Course Homepage, go to Grades. Select Manage Grades.
  • When creating a grade item, make sure that you are not creating duplicate entries in the grade book
    Duplicate grade items can occur for a variety of reasons, such as from multiple course package imports or from users. Duplicates have the same title and often have no associated activity.
  • Gradebooks that exceed 200+ grade items feature Sort Order text fields beside the grade items on the Reorder Grade Items and Categories page. The order of the grade items can be changed by entering a positive integer in the fields. Items with the same sort order number, such as two grade items being marked “1,” retain their current sort order, relative to each other.
  • The Sort Order drop-down menu still appears for Gradebooks with fewer than 200 grade items.