Assignments is where users can submit files for assignments. TurnItIn originality checking is integrated with Assignments, generating originality reports to review possible instances of plagiarism in submitted files. Submitted files can also be evaluated within the Assignments tool, and evaluations can be associated with grade items in Grades.

Assignments FAQ’s

Yes, if you are using TurnItIn, they have their own Annotations tool. If you are not using TurnItIn, D2L has it’s own Annotations tools included.

Yes. View the Evaluating all Files Submitted to a Submission Folder page for full instructions.

In August 2017, D2L changed the title of the “Dropbox” area to “Assignments”. This was in an effort to encapsulate what the tool is actually used for. It also reduces confusion with the unrelated website Dropbox.com.

D2L accepts file submissions of many types:  text document, web document, image, and media.  For the full list of accepted file types, see this D2L Brightspace link:  https://documentation.brightspace.com/EN/le/assignments/instructor/supported_file_types.htm

Folders are also allowed, but must be zipped (i.e., folder1.zip)