eLearning Tutorials

D2L (Brightspace) is Delta College’s supported Learning Management System since 2009.  D2L provide the platform and tools for all online courses and many face-to-face courses.  D2L has many tools available to support course materials, submission of assignments, assessments, discussion boards and grades.  D2L is available to all Delta College students, faculty and staff.

This section of documentation are Delta College specific tutorials.

How to get started with eLearning/D2L?

Review the tutorials listed below to get familiar with the eLearning/D2L look and feel.

  • How to pin current semester courses (Video) or (Text) [PDF doc; size=298kb]
  • Activating a course (Video) or (Text) [PDF doc; size=187kb]
  • Changing the course tile image (Video) or (Text) [PDF doc; size=306kb]
  • Searching courses by semester or role (Video) or (Text) [PDF doc; size=303kb]

Need more eLearning tutorials? – Select any of the updated tutorials from the sections below.

Virtual Classroom
Video Assignments