Zig, Zap, Zog/Stomp, Clap, Point

Zig, Zap, Zog/Stomp, Clap, Point

Outline of hands clapping and finger pointing to right

What is it?

1. Have the students gather in one large circle. 

2. This activity involves speaking simultaneously with rhythm. Begin the rhythm together: stomp, clap, point. 

3. One at a time, each student will follow this rhythm. On the point, he/she will point to a student in the circle for that student to start his/her turn. 

4. Once you have the rhythm established in the group, you can add the words that correlate with the rhythm: zip, zap, zog. 

​5. Pass around the rhythm and words to each student in the circle, speeding up to make it more challenging. 

Why use it?

This is an energy boost that requires some concentration to complete.  It often results in smiles and laughter which releases stress-reducing chemicals in the brain.

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