Shape Up

Square, circle, triangle, oval, rectangle, heart labeled

What is it?

  1. Have the students spread out around the classroom
  2. Start the activity by having the students form a shape with their body. It can be any pose or shape, as long as they can hold it for at least ten seconds. This will be shape one.
  3. When students have learned their pose, have them go and teach their shape to a partner. The shape that they learn from their partner will be shape two.
  4. Continue for as many shapes as needed, having each student teach a new partner and learn new shapes. 
  5. When the students are done learning, have them spread out around the classroom. Call out numbers (depending on how many shapes the students learned), and have the students demonstrate the shape that correlates with that number. 

Why use it?

This provides a quick movement break during a long period of sitting.  It feels a little silly so often encourages smiles and laughter which releases positive and stress-reducing chemicals in the body. Students learning from each other promotes a sense of community and belonging in the class.

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