Shake Down

Cartoon boy shaking his foot

The goal of this activity is for students to count down out loud while shaking out their arms, legs, and hands. It is very important to do this activity with your students so that you can model the activity. 

1. Start by counting down from 10 while shaking out your left arm. When you get to 1, start counting down from 10 again but shaking your right arm. 

2. Continue counting and shaking down with your left leg and then your right leg. 

3. When you have finished shaking out your arms and legs for 10 seconds, repeat the whole process but start counting down at 9. 

4. Continue the whole process until you and your students get to 1 second for each arm and leg. Encourage students to move their legs and arms around instead of just vertically. 

Why use it?

This provides a quick movement break during a long period of sitting.  It feels a little silly so often encourages smiles and laughter which releases positive and stress-reducing chemicals in the body.  It teaches controlling cognitive functioning since thinking about something else becomes nearly impossible. 

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