Hoberman Sphere

There are so many ways to breathe and models of breathing.  Here are some of our favorites:

Kara Willey’s Do Nothing Moment

Hoberman Sphere (breathing ball): open and close this ball to represent the inhale and exhale.

Dandelion breath: On the exhale, pretend you are gently blowing each dandelion seed to the ground one at a time.

Cooling breath: Curl/roll your tongue.  Breath in through the mouth (rolled tongue) and out through the nose.

Box breathing: Take a finger and draw a box in the air while you breath.  Inhale up, hold to the right, exhale down, hold to the left.

Tense/release: Inhale and tense all the muscles in your body, hold, exhale and release all the tension.

Why do it?

Breathing can reduce anxiety in the moment and long-term with continued practice.  It is our natural regulation strategy.  Breathing provides an opportunity to transition and focus on being “in the now”.

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