Body Scan

Sillhouette full body standing at sunset

Begin by bringing your attention into your body.  You can close your eyes if that’s comfortable for you.  You can notice your body seated wherever you’re seated, feeling the weight of your body on the chair or on the floor. 

Take a few deep breaths.  As you take a deep breath, bring in more oxygen enlivening the body.  As you exhale, have a sense of relaxing more deeply.

You can notice your feet on the floor, notice the sensation of your feet touching the floor.  The weight and pressure, vibration, heat.  You can notice your legs against the chair, pressure, pulsing, heaviness, lightness.

Notice your back against the chair.  Bring your attention into your stomach area.  If your stomach is tense or tight, let it soften.  Take a breath. 

Notice your hands.  Are your hands tense or tight, let it soften.  See if you can allow them to soften.  Notice your arms.  Feel any sensation in your arms.  Let your shoulders be soft.  Notice your neck and throat.  Let them be soft. 

Soften your jaw.  Let your face and facial muscles be soft.  Then notice your whole body present.  Take one more breath.

Be aware of your whole body as best you can.  Take a breath.  And then when you’re ready, you can open your eyes.

Why do it?

This gives participants an opportunity to check-in with themselves and  increase self-awareness.  It can help students know and appreciate what they’re feeling in this moment.

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