30 Circles

Four circles

Step 1: Give each student one 30 Circles sheet of paper. They also need a something to drwa with (pen, pencil, colored markers, etc.)
Step 2: Ask students to turn as many of the blank circles as possible into recognizable objects. They get 3 minutes. (Examples: foods, balls, clocks, coins, smiley faces, etc.)
Step 3: Compare results, analyze, & debrief. Some ideas:

  • Look for similar images and/or look for a variety of images.
  • Group drawings by categories. Who finished the most circles? (most people don’t finish all 30 circles).
  • Are there any themes? (ex: did someone draw all of the planets or different types of balls ls such as a basketball, soccer ball, baseball, etc.) 
  • Did anyone “break the rules” and combine circles (ex: a snowman, a traffic light, a Venn diagram, etc.)? 
  • Did anyone integrate something from the course material? (ex: a cell, an eye, a character from a novel, etc.)

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