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The menu below offers a variety of options so you can select what best fits your needs as an instructor. Feel free to complete as many as you’d like. The number of minutes corresponds to the “price” on the menu. £50 = 50 minutes. Part-time faculty, you can earn the professional development stipend for 3 hours (or 180 minutes, £180) of work. Details regarding some activities are below the menu. Any questions, email nicolerausch@delta.edu.

Diner Menu Infographic

*Meet with Nicole

Schedule an appointment with Nicole Rausch, an Instructional Designer to discuss and build on what you’ve learned from the menu items. (Required for stipend)

Backwards Design

Watch this 20 minute video from Magna.

Feedback Survey

Send all your students a mid-semester survey to get feedback about their learning experience in your course. You’re welcome to add, delete, or modify the question wording and format. Collect feedback from all your classes to get a more accurate representation.

Dr. Viji Sathy at UNC commented on the value of mid-semester feedback:

First, I ask students, “What aspects of the course (class, videos, in-class exercises, assignments, quizzes, readings, etc.) do you find helpful? That is, what aspects of the course are working well for you and should be continued as they are?” It focuses students on the learning and resources, and less on me as an instructor.

The second prompt asks, “What changes should be made to the way the course is taught? That is, what can I do differently to make the course a more valuable learning experience for you?” 

I think mid-semester feedback activities are valuable for you and for students. As you review or discuss their feedback, you can make adjustments as needed for the second half of the semester. 

Note that you do not have to do everything students say or change the whole course. But, maybe there are simple things you can do in class to increase student success and improve the overall learning experience. And I encourage you to share your own feedback with students so the course works well for you too.


Video games and board games are inherently engaging. Learn how you can gamify your course to make participation addicting. For this section, you’ll need to listen to this ~30 minute podcast and then use this guide to begin brainstorming how you could add game elements to your course.


This seems to be a theme of the last year+. Spend time exploring some wellness-related activities and then try a few out with your students. There’s a little bit of mindfulness, relationship building, brain activation, and just for fun games.


Spend about 30 minutes improving your Ally score in D2L. Add your starting and ending score into this form to be considered for a “most improved” prize!

D2L Rubrics

Watch this video on creating a rubric and then design your own.

D2L Learning Outcomes

Watch this video on adding learning outcomes to your course, then add at least 2 outcomes and link them to an activity.

D2L Intelligent Agents

Watch this video on adding intelligent agents to your course, then add at least one agent to your course.


Attend a live YuJa training. Each training session you attend counts towards your total bill (time). Watch your email for more training sessions to be announced.

*Reflection Receipt

Fill out this receipt to let us know what your dining experience was like. (Required for stipend)