Getting started with Zoom is easy!

You can sign up for two kinds of Delta College Zoom accounts:

  • FREE: Unlimited calls for over 40 minutes with one participant.
    Sign up here at with your Delta email address.
  • PRO: Paid account to host calls over 40 minutes with more than one participant.
    To request a pro zoom license use the Delta college Zoom Request Form. Requests are reviewed weekly.


There are two sites you can use to log into Zoom. –  log in with your Delta username/password or to log in with your Zoom username/password.

Delta Virtual Backgrounds

Show off your Delta pride at your next Zoom meeting!
How to use Delta Backgrounds

Zoom Tutorials

Best Practices


Three steps if you’re new to Zoom or need Help

  1. Check Zoom support online 
  2. Check eLearning Zoom resources page 
  3. Still can’t find it: Create an eLearning helpdesk ticket