Going Online to Provide Education in All Circumstances

If an emergency situation causes a campus closure or prevents you from coming to campus, please note that you have a variety of tools and resources to move your teaching online. On this page, you will see the tools we have, the strategies we recommend, and the resources you can use.

New to eLearning

For first time users to eLearning, we have a list of starter tutorials and videos ready for you.

Veteran User

Check out the new user videos for a quick refresher then check out our Teaching and Learning section for more advanced features.

Read the Blog

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Introduction video about resources for faculty

Effective Remote Working Tools

Delta College has a variety of tools to help you teach online. We will cover tools that are available to you that utilize D2L resources and some that need a connection with our LMS.

Your Colleagues

Many Divisions are working on share content, if you are interested in sharing content, please check with eLearning and or your division as we might already have a site for you. Otherwise, if you are interested, please contact our office and we can create a DEV site for you to work from. Attached is a list of Faculty Mentors who are willing to assist with any questions in their area of expertise.

Zoom Conferencing

Free for 40 min time block for up to 100 users in the same session at a time – Zoom.us For more information please check out our resource page.

  • Easy to set up
  • Screen sharing
  • Can be used by phone for students
  • Sessions can be recorded and saved to a computer



When you find yourself unable to teach in a regular face-to-face setting, consider these factors and strategies. 

  • Determine your schedule
  • Communicate effectively
  • Balance synchronous and asynchronous teaching

Determine schedule changes

If the situation that leads to the need for rapid online teaching will last a while, such as an outbreak of a pandemic disease that may keep the campus closed for weeks.  This should help you decide whether to keep the class at the same scheduled time and use a synchronous lecture system or convert to an Online format allowing your students to complete work as an online class.

Communicate effectively

Students will need to learn from you what to do in situations that have led to campus changes. Ask your students to keep communication channels open. In addition to receiving alerts from the College, you should inform students to make sure that they do NOT turn off notifications in D2L for announcements and email, which you will use to communicate about your plan for the course.

Balance synchronous/asynchronous teaching

You have many tools to teach online, and most of these tools are available in D2L. These tools can be synchronous and asynchronous. While synchronous tools can help you easily replicate what you do in the regular classroom, there might be content or activities that are better left in an asynchronous format, such as readings and discussions.