Global Accessibility Day!

Happy Global Accessibility Awareness Day! The third Thursday of May marks a day to be mindful of those around us with disabilities. Did you know that 1 billion people worldwide have a disability? The most common are visual, hearing, motor, and cognitive. Learn how Justin overcomes accessibility challenges to achieve his goals. Today I challenge […]

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Faculty Training and Open Labs for January 2021

eLearning Training sessions and Open Lab times: Password for all events is online Monday, January 18 -Open session 3pm – Tuesday, January 19 – Intelligent agents and open session 10am – 3pm – Wednesday, January 20 – Respondus updates and open session 10am – 2pm – Thursday, January 21 – […]

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Why is the Course Code so Important?

Have you ever wondered why eLearning is always asking for the course code or wonder what it is? The course code is the letters, numbers, semester code and section number that make up the course code.  An example is ABC-111W-FA100-20FA You can find this course code on your eLearning home page and on the course […]

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Spring is Coming!

Spring Classes are now available!  You can see your spring classes by going to the “View All Courses” at the bottom of your eLearning homepage. Quick tutorials to help get your winter classes are available on our FeLC website- Don’t wait until May, use the new creating/ editing questions interface now! See what has changed […]

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