Activate Course – What does it really mean?

Activate Course – What does it really mean?1 min read

If you set a Start Date for your course that is later than the day you activate your course, the course will not appear to your students until the date specified. This is a common misconception. Active doesn’t automatically mean that the students will see your course, the course availability to students is based on the start and end dates listed just below the Active button.

If you set an End Date for your course and do not deactivate your course, after that specified date passes, the course becomes unavailable to learners.

  1. From the Admin Tools menu, click Course Management.
  2. Search for the course offering name.
  3. Click the course offering you want to deactivate.
  4. On the navbar, click Edit Course > Course Offering Information.
  5. Select the Course is active check box.
  6. Click Save.