Accessibility Best Practices

The Delta College Accessibility Guidelines for Online Course Content

NOTE: MAC version of Microsoft Office Accessibility Checker does not show all the issues what the Windows version of Microsoft Office Accessibility Checker does.  Please use this list below to make sure you are fulfilling all the requirements for accessibility even if the checker does not find any issues.

These guidelines are based on internationally accepted, web accessibility guidelines WCAG 2.0 AA. Follow these guidelines to keep your course content accessible.

  • Use properly formatted headings to structure the page.
  • Format lists as lists.
  • Write meaningful link text.
  • Create tables with column and/or row headers
  • Maintain a proper reading order in documents, web pages and slides.
  • Use sufficient color contrast.
  • Don’t use color alone to convey meaning.
  • Ensure that any action that uses a mouse, can also be completed by keyboard alone.
  • Provide alternative text descriptions for images.
  • Design clear and consistent navigation.
  • Eliminate or limit blinking / flashing content to 3 seconds.
  • Don’t require inaccessible applications be used.
  • Optional materials must include a balance of accessible options.
  • Write math and science equations accessibly.
  • Include the Accommodations Statement in your syllabus and link to accessibility or assistive technology user information for software or web applications that are required in the course.